ADUATZ ESQUE - Philipp Aduatz & Esque Studio - Wexler Gallery

Philipp Aduatz & Esque Studio

December 7, 2012 through February 23, 2013

PHILADELPHIA- In the main gallery space, Wexler Gallery is proud to present new works by cutting edge designers Philipp Aduatz & Esque Studio. The exhibit will highlight innovative functional and decorative objects that re-examine classic ideas about form vs. function, while addressing contemporary concepts regarding making, mass production, and new technologies. The show will run from December 7, 2012 through February 23, 2013. An opening reception will take place on First Friday, December 7th from 5 – 8pm.


Vienna based Designer Philipp Aduatz creates limited edition functional objects that are highly scultpural in nature. Working with innovative materials and fabrication technologies, Aduatz is very much concerned with scientific matters such as chemistry, physics and material technologies. His process combines traditional craft concepts and techniques with cutting edge implements such as 3D laser scanning, CNC milling, and rapid prototyping. Greatly infuenced by scultpors such as Constantin Brancusi and Tony Cragg,  the designer aims to develop a new language of form in each of his pieces, encouraging a new discourse bewteen the object and its user or viewer.


Esque Studio is the result of a 15-year long collaboration between artists Andi Kovel and Justin Parker. Well known for their innovative lighting, design pieces, and sculptural objects, the studio aims to create modern, functional, and concept-based glass works. Esque has risen to international acclaim, most notably by the honor of being named part of Time Magazine’s “Design 100,” today’s most influential and inspired international designers. Since then the Portland based studio has designed and completed projects for major collectors and corporate clients including Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, The W Hotel, Hugo Boss, Anthropologie, Sephora, and Design Within Reach.


While Philipp Aduatz and Esque Studio both make works that are produced in multiples, each designer has a very different approach to “making.” For example, Aduatz generally starts with a scaled-down clay model, which is then digitized with a 3D scanner. Once the original model has been scanned, an actual full sized version of the piece is sculpted manually until it reaches its desired shape and surface. The finished full sized model is then re-scanned using rapid prototyping techniques for series production. This type of design and production process allows for each piece in a limited edition series to be almost identical.


With making techniques rooted in the traditional craft realm, Esque Studio uses classic glass blowing methods to produce conceptual works aimed at the design industry and away from the pedestal. Each individual piece is hand made by the artist team using the finest glass and recycled materials, thus no two works from the same series will be exactly alike. By pushing the limits of traditional techniques and materials, Esque aims to challenge outdated notions of craft and ideas associated with their medium. The end result produces a body of skillfully hand-made multiples that function as design as well as sculpture.


Fascinated by the notion of challenging traditional labels that categorize art, Wexler Gallery exhibits work that can coexist in the worlds of design, fine art, decorative art and craft. By questioning and challenging the boundaries of these fields, we aim to present functional and non-functional work that consistently celebrates innovation. Unified by a commitment to excellent craftsmanship and true dedication to their art, we are proud to showcase some of the world’s most esteemed artists working in their areas of pursuit.