SUMMER2017 - Paradox: Industrial Nature - Wexler Gallery

Paradox: Industrial Nature

June 20, 2016 through

PHILADELPHIA – Wexler Gallery is pleased to present Paradox: Industrial Nature, a group furniture exhibition exposing common threads linking natural and industrial elements in both form and medium to create elevated functional pieces of design.

Characteristics of natural elements and forms are revealed in various alloying metals by featured designers Sharon Sides, Gulla Jonsdottir and Philpp Aduatz. Other works incorporate nature and industry directly within their composition, such as luxurious American Black Walnut and American Bronze side tables by artist and designer Alex Roskin. Artist Gregory Nangle celebrates the intimate impurities of the chemical and industrial mediums he uses to create enchanting fading mirrors with brutalist bronze and nickel bracketing, while also paying tribute to nature by fabricating intricate furniture pieces with flower and leaf laser-cuts into bronze, while Warren Muller uses organic and man-made found objects to create ethereal lighting fixtures. There is a definitive homage to the beauty of our animate surroundings merged with the strength and timelessness of industrial resources.

Challenging the traditional labels that categorize art, Wexler Gallery exhibits work that coexists in the expressive realms of design, fine art and contemporary glass and ceramics. Questioning and testing the boundaries of these fields, Wexler Gallery aims to present functional and non-functional work that consistently celebrates innovation as much as aesthetic beauty.

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Tuesday- Saturday, 10am- 6pm or Saturday by Appointment