Bennion - Mark Bennion: The End Is Where We Start From - Wexler Gallery

Mark Bennion: The End Is Where We Start From

May 3, 2013 through June 30, 2013

PHILADELPHIA- On the second floor, Wexler Gallery will feature The End is Where We Start From, an exhibition of new works in painting, collage, and sculpture by Mark Bennion. The show will run from May
3rd through June 30th, 2013. An Opening Reception will take place on First Friday, May 3rd from 5 – 8pm.


Over the past 25 years, Mark Bennion has developed a unique painting process, which he likens to “Fresco,” using oil, plaster, and paper on a panel or canvas. The Fresco technique, a form of mural painting in which pigments are applied directly to wet lime plaster, dates back to prehistoric mans very first paintings on cave walls. Evolving over time, this process was adopted and developed by many cultures around the world, from Ancient Greece to the Italian Renaissance.


While Fresco painting is best known for depicting figurative religious or mythological scenes in mural form, Bennion’s work is much different. His paintings can be characterized as lush, abstract color fields, with a
rich surface and a quiet constitution. According to the artist, “My work has always been about the uncovering of an ancient innocence. It is about a simple geometry that interacts with the changing world
that is around us and is within us.”


Bennion’s recent work continues to explore the artist’s interest in simple geometric abstraction, referencing the tradition of “Tantrikas,” abstract anonymous painters who have lived in parts of northern India for the last 500 years. Characterized by a repetition of markings, “seemingly random yet carefully placed as in poetry,” the artist’s new paintings, collages, and sculptures “invoke the highly symbolic cosmology of Hindu Tantra.” According to Bennion, these pieces rearrange symbols and “words to convey a new meaning…
remembering something from within.”


The artist’s work can be found in numerous private and corporate collections. He has exhibited both painting and sculptural works across the United States and Canada since 1968. Highlights include solo exhibitions at the Museum of Northwest Art (MoNA) in LaConner, WA, and at the International Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA. The artist currently lives and works on Vashon Island, near Seattle, Washington.


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