KIRSCH - Marilyn Kirsch: Beneath the Surface - Wexler Gallery

Marilyn Kirsch: Beneath the Surface

October 7, 2011 through November 26, 2011

PHILADELPHIA- Wexler Gallery presents recent paintings and photographs by New York based artist Marilyn Kirsch on our second floor. Show runs October 7th through November 26th, 2011. In correlation with DesignPhiladelphia 2011, an Opening Reception with the Artist will take place on Saturday, October 22nd from 5 – 8pm.


An oil painter who sees her work as “somewhere between abstract and non-objective,” Marilyn Kirsch aims to create elusive images that lack boundaries. According to the artist:


“This deliberate ambiguity is a way of exploring how meaning can be found where it was not intended. Random marks of paint may seem to become images of real things, like finding pictures in the clouds.”


Maintaining an expert control over her medium while embracing the element of chance, Kirsch sees her work as a “response to the unsettling relationship between random acts and carefully planned decisions.” The end result often reflects a balance between the physical properties of the materials used and the metaphorical content of the image.


Kirsch has a BFA from the Massachusetts Collage of Art (1973) and an MFA from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (1976). Her work has shown throughout the United States and can be found in numerous private and corporate collections including AT&T (NY), Chemical Bank (NY), Gecko Advertising Group (PA), Wachovia Bank (NC), and more. Kirsch presently lives and works in New York City.