Fog 2017 - FOG Design + Art 2017 - Wexler Gallery

FOG Design + Art 2017

January 12, 2017 through January 15, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO – Wexler Gallery is pleased to be exhibiting at FOG Design+Art 2017, Booth 214, from January 12th – 15th at Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion in San Francisco. With the marriage of contrasting materials, forms and preconceptions, Wexler Gallery invites you to take a closer look, challenging notions of conventionality in contemporary art and design. Wexler Gallery will feature new designs by Gulla Jonsdottir, Joanna Manousis, Gregory Nangle, Andy Paiko, Peter Pincus and Timothy Schreiber. We will also be featuring work by American Minimalist Sol LeWitt.


Thursday, January 12    11 am-7 pm

Friday, January 13          11 am-7 pm

Saturday, January 14     11 am-7 pm

Sunday, January 15        11 am-5 pm