divergent AFFINITIES

January 7, 2011 through February 26, 2011

PHILADELPHIA – Wexler gallery is proud to present divergent AFFINITIES, a group exhibition organized by Barbara Harberger, Director of Arts and Collections at the Philadelphia based firm Marguerite Rodgers ltd. The exhibition will run from January 7 through February 26, 2011.


Featured artists include Jaq Belcher, Marietta Hoferer, Michael Kukla, Karen Margolis, Gudrun Mertes-Frady, Susan Schwalb, Viviane Rombaldi Seppey, and Ilene Sunshine.


Linked by a strong connection to process and concept, the show will focus on eight mid-career and established artists whose explorations can be viewed as meditative in nature. Working in a variety of methods, the show includes painting, sculpture, and “drawing” that incorporates both traditional and nontraditional materials. Each artist’s personal, introspective approach to their work begs the viewer to become contemplative while considering the final work.


According to Harberger:

“There is a shared sensibility in the approach that this group of artists take to their work that links them in a unique way. Though the methods and intent of each work is different there is an intimacy in each of their varied processes. From works on paper, works created with found objects, these drawings, paintings and sculptures, carved, cut, sewn, burned, painted and drawn with tape, reveal a quiet reflection on the part of the artists resulting in works that take us beyond an initial fascination with their methodology.”


Fascinated by the notion of challenging traditional labels that categorize art, Wexler Gallery exhibits work that can coexist in the worlds of design, fine art, decorative art and craft. By questioning and challenging the boundaries of these fields, we aim to present functional and non-functional work that consistently celebrates innovation. Unified by a commitment to excellent craftsmanship and true dedication to their art, we are proud to showcase some of the world’s most esteemed artists working in their areas of pursuit.