Roberto Lugo, ceramic artist and ghetto potter represented by Wexler Gallery in Philadelphia, PA

Defacing Adversity: The Life and Times of Roberto Lugo

March 24, 2016 through June 11, 2016

PHILADELPHIA Wexler Gallery is pleased to present Defacing Adversity: The life and times of Roberto Lugo, a solo exhibition featuring new work by the Philadelphia born artist. The show will run from March 24th through June 11th, 2016.  An opening reception will take place March 24th, from 5:30-8:00pm.


Defacing Adversity: The life and times of Roberto Lugo will feature recent ceramic work as well as paintings by the Philadelphia native. Lugo grew up as a child of Puerto Rican immigrants in North Philadelphia where his life was riddled with the issues and challenges of inner city youth. His work depicts a clear story of how his eyes were opened to injustices in the world at a young age. Although his childhood was of limited means, he came from a culture rich in family who nurtured, guided and inspired him to become part of his own solution. Lugo represents his family and heritage often in his work as a homage for teaching him the value of hard work, and for empowering him to take a stand and evoke change.


Confronting stereotype, civil rights, poverty and immigration, Lugo uses his traditional porcelain forms to address issues that have affected and afflicted his life head on.  “He does not shy away from personal struggles or politically charged issues,” said Wexler Gallery Sales and Marketing Associate Victoria Rosenberger. “Instead, he uses them to fuel the fire of his kiln, and ultimately, to communicate a new version of history where, as Roberto would say, a pottery wheel can kill hate.”


By combining graffiti, hip hop, history, pop culture and porcelain, Lugo is bringing new conversations to the table of contemporary art. His work is as strong as his message, and his message supports the purpose of his work.


Challenging the traditional labels that categorize art, Wexler Gallery exhibits work that coexists in the expressive realms of design, fine art and contemporary glass and ceramics. Questioning and testing the boundaries of these fields, Wexler Gallery aims to present functional and non-functional work that consistently celebrates innovation as much as aesthetic beauty.