Wexler Gallery

William Morris

  • Petroglyph Vessel, 1989
    Blown glass
    10 x 10 x 22 inches
  • William Morris, master glass artist at Wexler Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.
    Burial Urn, 1991
    Blown glass, steel stand
    13 X 9 X 25 inches

Artist Bio

Born in 1957 in Carmel, California glass and bronze artist William Morris, considered one of the world’s foremost glass artists, uses the fragile medium of glass and now the strong medium of bronze to recreate life-size black ravens and exquisite deer heads that reflect themes of myth, archaeology and the animal.

Master glass artist William Morris has the uncanny ability to manipulate blown glass into something it really isn’t by creating the optical equivalence of bone, wood, stone and leather. Morris pushes the limit of glass blowing with his mesmerizing sculptures of spirited forms using extraordinary technical skills that seem beyond the physical and chemical possibilities of glass.  Morris’ unique treatment of surface texture is achieved by various techniques such as sprinkling powdered glass and minerals onto a blown surface, etching, and acid washing to achieve “ancient” and textural diversity.  Now working in bronze, Morris continues to dazzle us with his brilliance, impeccable craftsmanship and artistic vision.

Morris has traveled worldwide, working with the masters of Italian glass and others, including American Glass Artist Dale Chihuly. He has also shared his extraordinary skills in workshops and demonstrations throughout the globe.

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