Mazorca - William Morris New Work: Mazorca, 2013 - Wexler Gallery

William Morris New Work: Mazorca, 2013

November 5, 2013 through March 1, 2014

PHILADELPHIA – Spawned by a voracious return to the studio since his retirement in 2007, William Morris returns to Mazorca, his momentous installation with a fresh eye and perspective. The once more-than-8-foot-tall cornucopia of glass has been re-released as 13 individual, smaller compositions, offering a chance to collect a special continuum in his body of work.


Throughout his travels across the globe, Morris has been witness to different cultures hanging objects of harvest. From farm equipment to food and textiles, he has become fascinated with the act of displaying symbols of offering and abundance. In his Mazorca series he brings ceremony to everyday objects stating that “[Mazorca] was about [the objects] that surround our process of life when it comes to sustenance and nourishment- things that are our bounty and yet our demise.”


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