Wexler Gallery

Steve Klein

  • Exploration LXIII, 2005
    Kiln formed and blown glass
    18 X 18 X 5 inches
  • Exploration 131, 2009
    Kiln formed and blown glass
    16 1/2 X 16 1/2 X 7 inches
  • Exploration XXXIII, 2003
    Kiln formed and blown glass
    19/ X 19 X 8 inches
  • Exploration XXIII, 2003
    Kiln formed and blown glass
    8 X 18 X 18 inches

Artist Statement

“The work that I make differs in inspiration, yet is the result of considered contemplation and my desire to bring beauty to life. Inspiration comes from my emotional interaction with everyday life and quite often is influenced by the environment and special moments that I experience. With all of my work I seek to provide a moment away, a very small respite of beauty and solace from the everyday. In the process of developing and making, I’m constantly reminded to look for beauty and positive aspects in every situation. I am taken with the sensuous and sensitive beauty of glass, and its relationship with light and the excitement of the cast reflections.”

Artist CV and Other Documents

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