Wexler Gallery

Robin Grebe

  • Robin Grebe, glass artist at Wexler Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.
    Reliquary, 1992
    17 X 7 X 50 inches


With a BFA in Ceramics from the Mass College of Art and an MFA in Ceramics/Glass from the Tyler School of Art, Massachusetts artist Robin Grebe uses cast glass, ceramic glazes, and transparent enamels to create monolithic, haunting human forms. These works typically contain a transparent inner cavity, cast within an outer torso, containing metaphorical imagery. Originally inspired by Greek Cycladic Fertility Goddesses, Grebe’s sculptures seem both fragile and strong. To her, they illustrate the paradoxes of human life.

Grebe’s work is enjoying sold-out shows in numerous galleries throughout the United Staes, and can be found in many private and public connections worldwide, including the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Taft Museum of Art in Cincinatti, the Corning Museum of Glass, and the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo.

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