Wexler Gallery

Mark Peiser

  • Passage 11 (Summer), 2016
    Hot cast phase separated glass, cast black glass base
    22.75 x 27 x 8.5 in

Artist Statement

An innovative artist, Mark Peiser continually has pushed the limits of glass to create some of the best art glass being made in the United States.  A perfectionist, both in his techniques and aesthetics, he has exquisitely crafted a number of highly collected series — from his Innerspace pieces, Paperweight vases and opaque geometric and image vessels to functional “spaghetti” bowls.

“For me, expanding my vocabulary usually implies a development of technique,” Peiser has commented.  “The fact that I’ve spent so much energy seeking technical solutions is not because I love frustration – it’s to accomplish my visions in what to my imagination is the simplest most direct, most knowing way.  For me, technique is not cheap – it’s imperative.”

“Glass is a tough lover, fragile and unforgiving, demanding and costly, high maintenance.  But glass has no imagination or hidden agenda.  If you are attentive, learn its ways, are understanding in what you ask of it and treat it with care, it’s spirit emerges.”

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