Wexler Gallery

Jamie Harris

  • Infusion Block in Rose, Amber, and Ruby, 2014
    Blown and solid-worked, kiln-cast, cold-worked glass
    13 X 4 X 17 inches
  • Modulated Infusion Block in Golds and Light Blue, 2014
    Blown and solid-worked, kiln-cast, cold-worked glass
    12 5/8 X 4 X 16 inches
  • Striped Infusion in Aubergine, Gold, and Cherry, 2014
    Blown and solid-worked, kiln-cast, cold-worked glass
    11 1/2 X 4 X 18 inches
  • Layered Infusion Block in Blues and Purples, 2014
    Blown and solid-worked, kiln-cast, cold-worked glass
    12 X 4 X 13 inches

Artist Bio

Jamie Harris is a glass artist and designer living in New York City. A graduate of Brown University, he has studied at some of the most prestigious glass schools in the country: The Pilchuck Glass School, the Rhode Island School of Design, the Penland School of Crafts, the Haystack School, and the Corning Museum of Glass. Harris has also studied with many of the most renowned glass artists in the world, including Dante Marioni, Josiah McElheny, Benjamin Moore, Kathy Eliot and Ben Edols.

From the artist’s website:

“My work has long been distinguished by my unique and painterly use of color and design. My sculpture has been widely praised, and is carried by a select group of exclusive galleries. My line of exclusive tabletop items brings my unique sense of design to the marketplace, and is available worldwide at select stores.

I have been very fortunate to have worked and studied with some of the most talented glass artists in this country, and where I work in New York I am surrounded by an extensive network of skilled artisans. My work is made in a highly coordinated team effort, where the assemblage of collected talent yields a higher degree of intensity and creative output than could be achieved in the glass studio by working alone. This sense of team involvement is one of the greatest joys of glassmaking, and the action of the team is an integral part of my work.

Much of my continuing exploration of refined glass technique comes out of my interaction with students. All skilled glass artists in the U.S. today owe their knowledge to the openness of the glass community, and I have found a deep sense of satisfaction in working with new students towards a greater understanding of the medium. The progression of my work has been a direct outgrowth of working with students to tackle difficult areas of glass technique.”

Artist CV and Other Documents

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