InConcert 2022 - In Concert: Methods and Mediums - Wexler Gallery

In Concert: Methods and Mediums

May 23, 2022 through August 31, 2022

PHILADELPHIA- After a brief hiatus to replace the Philly gallery floors, Wexler Gallery is pleased to present In Concert: Methods and Mediums, an exhibition featuring artists and work not previously shown in our Philadelphia space alongside familiar names in the gallery’s program. Ceramicist Malcolm Mobutu Smith and painter Edward McHugh debuted with Wexler in New York, Miami and Chicago in the past year, in shows that introduced new pieces by Trish DeMasi, Gregory Nangle, Mami Kato, and Reynold Rodriguez that are included here. Contemporary blown glass by Andy Paiko and vintage cast bronze by Judy Kensley McKie round out In Concert, allowing for an interplay of techniques and materials and an exploration of the contrasts between them. The possibilities of various mediums and their applications are revealed through each artist’s distinct lens and how their works relate to each other.


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