Wexler Gallery

Howard Werner

  • Palo Verde Benches, 1996/2014
    Palo verde
    56 X 24 X 22 inches
    44 X 19 X 19 inches
    30 X 18 X 20 inches
  • Palo Verde Bench 3, 1996/2014
    Palo verde
    56 X 24 X 22 inches
  • Pine 3 Seater, 2014
    Pine, steel
    136 X 24 X 32 inches
  • African Sumac Bench 1, 2014
    African Sumac, steel
    21 X 12 X 21 inches
  • African Sumac Bench 2, 2014
    African Sumac, steel
    21 X 12 X 18 1/2 inches
  • Chinaberry Bench, 2014
    Chinaberry, steel
    58 X 14 X 25 inches
  • Cypress Bench, 2014
    Cypress, steel
    26 X 19 X 23 inches
  • Ash Stack, 2005
    38 X 16 X 45 inches

Artist Bio

Howard Werner received a degree in woodwork and furniture design from The School for American Craftsmen at Rochester Institute of Technology. His greatest inspiration, however, comes from the world of sculpture and the work of Brancusi and Noguchi.  Howard has been direct-carving sculpture and furniture from large tree sections since the mid 1970’s.  His work is influenced by both classical forms from Greece and Italy as well as primitive carvings from Africa and Oceana.  The tools and raw materials he employs are important to the finished work. His process is evident in the rough chainsawn surfaces and the untouched natural sections of the trees that are prominent on many pieces.

Howard has been awarded grants from The National Endowment for the Arts and The New York State Fellowship for the Arts. His work is in numerous collections including The American Craft Museum, The Mint Museum, The Arkansas Arts Center, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, The Rochester Institute of Technology, Arizona State University Museum, Mobile Museum of Art.

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