Expo 2018 - Expo Chicago - Wexler Gallery

Expo Chicago

September 27, 2018 through September 30, 2018

CHICAGO – Wexler Gallery is excited to be participating in EXPO CHICAGO.  EXPO CHICAGO hosts leading international art galleries presented alongside one of the highest quality platforms for global contemporary art and culture.

“Art has the capacity to make people listen,” – A mantra of Roberto Lugo’s, a young ceramic artist, teacher, spoken work poet and social activist. Wexler Gallery will be showcasing some of the Philadelphia born artist’s newest ceramic works as well as paintings at the upcoming Expo Chicago.


Lugo grew up with his large Puerto Rican family in North Philadelphia where his life was riddled with the issues and challenges of inner city youth. His work depicts a clear story of how his eyes were opened to racial injustices and prejudice in the world at a young age. Although his childhood was of limited means, he came from a culture rich in family who nurtured, guided and inspired him to become part of his own solution. Lugo represents his family and heritage often in his work as a homage for teaching him the value of hard work, and for empowering him to take a stand and evoke change with his voice.


Confronting stereotype, civil rights, poverty and immigration, Lugo uses his traditional porcelain forms to address issues that have affected and afflicted his life head on. By combining graffiti, hip hop, history, pop culture, and porcelain, Lugo is bringing new conversations to the table of contemporary art.


“I want to work to create opportunities for other young artists of color to seek and pursue art,” said Lugo. “If they can see themselves reflected in people that are successful, they are more likely to pursue that success and believe in its attainability regardless of how society views them or makes them feel.”

Lugo’s work will be on view alongside other boundary-pushing artists and designers in Wexler Gallery booth #474 from September 27th – 30th at Chicago’s Navy Pier during Expo Chicago.