Wexler Gallery

Daniel Cutrone

  • Object of Desire: Two, 2014
    Blown and silvered glass, digital PLA print
    21 X 10 X 99 inches
  • Object of Desire: Slice of Mt. Everest Inverted, 2014
    Blown and silvered glass, stainless steel, marble
    32 X 24 X 48 1/2 inches
  • Object of Desire: 3 Views of Mt. Everest, 2014
    Blown glass, silvering, stainless steel, marble
    36 X 12 X 12 inches
  • Object of Desire: Mt. Everest Inverted in Black, 2014
    Blown and cast glass, wood, rosin, stainless steel, marble
    12 X 48 inches

Artist Statement

Objects of desire, large and small, are a construct of our imagination. We have an innate need to create tangible objects to fulfill our desires, but the product often undermines our own original objectives. The product appears to be true to our desire and yet it is only a facsimile of our desires. Or more to the point it is something entirely different, entirely its own with its own imperatives and needs. The needs of the object will deny our own. One way that I attempt to communicate this idea is with the reflective surfaces in my work. The mirrored surfaces of the “objects of desire”create an ironic tension.From a distance we perceive the object and its form, yet as we attempt to take possession of the object, as we approach the object, as we get nearer and nearer to it, its form turns to reflection and what we then perceive is not the object, but our current environment and ourselves. We are ultimately denied the subject of our attention, and we are then forced to consider something unexpected as we negotiate this new terrain.

True intimacy is achieved through knowledge and understanding and one way that this is achieved are by exposing ourselves to the same thing in new ways.  Each work is an individual freestanding piece and on its own each work promotes this idea of looking by multiple perspectives. The hope is by having all of the work in one space there will be an additional layer of synergy among the works created. Each piece represents a different point of view exposing new relations. When one is presented with a new point of view, then our relation to that object changes and gives rise to new meaning, new understanding and a deeper intimacy.

Artist CV and Other Documents

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