Mark Peiser

Albedo (Palomar 011), 2011
Hot cast phase separated glass, polished black glass base with bronze
13 7/8 X 7 9/16 X 31 inches


Artist Statement
The Palomar mirror, the largest single glass casting achieved in its time, allowed humanity to look further into the universe than ever before, bringing us closer to an understanding of our existence than any previous astronomical achievement.


"Sanctuary", Section 1, Detail 2, an interpretation of a tiny section of the original mirror at 1/2 scale, seeks to capture the mirror at its moment of agency- the moment the unknown becomes known. As the astronomers say the first time a telescope is used, "at first light."


“The Palomar Series,” begun in 2008, is done as a tribute to expanding the boundaries of glass.


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Mark Peiser Mark Peiser Mark Peiser
Mark Peiser Mark Peiser Mark Peiser