Nicole Ayliffe
Nicole Ayliffe

Untitled Vessel
Glass with etched photograph
5 7/8 X 5 7/8 X 9 inches


Artist Statement
Using hot glass, I have been creating forms that explore the ideas of optics and space.  These forms act as an optical lens.  Glass naturally lends itself to the refection and refraction of light and I have been using these qualities to create a space through which to view a photographic image of the landscape.  The black and white photographic images reference the Australian landscape, and are highlighted by the refraction of light through the glass form.  Many of the photographic images have been taken along the coastline of Australia, where I spend much of my time surfing and exploring the natural environment.


I also find inspiration in the repetition of line within the landscape, such as ploughed fields, the rows of vineyards or the furrowed lines on the surface of the sand. I find these types of reoccurring patterns respond particularly well with the thickness of the glass forms, creating movement, depth and distortion. Each glass piece is created with a different shape, thickness and form, creating a variation in optical qualities.


Square Box Artist Bio and CV
Nicole Ayliffe Nicole Ayliffe Nicole Ayliffe