ArtMiami 2019 - Art Miami - Wexler Gallery

Art Miami

December 3, 2019 through December 8, 2019

MIAMI- Wexler Gallery presents an exhibition of artwork featuring a wide range of emerging and established artists whose work, though differing greatly in subject, is closely linked through bold line and dynamic form. Featuring Mami KatoSol LeWittRoberto LugoEd RuschaRichard SerraFrank Stella, and Andy Warhol.

In its 30th year, Art Miami maintains a preeminent position in America’s modern and contemporary art fair market and is globally recognized as a primary destination for the acquisition of the most important works from the 20th and 21st centuries. Art Miami is located at The Art Miami Pavilion One Miami Herald Plaza @ NE 14th Street, on Biscayne Bay between the Venetian & Macarthur Causeways.


About the Artists:

Roberto Lugo is an emerging artist, activist, poet, and educator based in Philadelphia. Having been raised in Kensington, a neighborhood infamous for extreme poverty and inequality, Lugo’s approach to artwork is informed by graffiti and hip hop. He combines these cultural influences with his knowledge of craft history to create sculptural mash-ups that often contain imagery of people who have been historically oppressed and underrepresented in the tradition of art. His work speaks to both an art-educated and mainstream audience.

In her sculptural practice, Mami Kato often utilizes materials that are significant to her Japanese heritage and serve as allusions to various life sustaining energies. The tediousness of her hand-made sculptures speak to quotidian labor as a commodity and a means of survival. The materials and method of working are humble, while the concept and form of the sculptures are often ambitious and imaginative.