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American Masters A Celebration of 50 Years of Studio Glass

July 6, 2012 through September 29, 2012

PHILADELPHIA- In correlation with the 2012 nationwide celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the American Glass Studio Movement, Wexler Gallery is honored to present a historic exhibition of museum quality pieces by American master glass artists. The show will run from July 6 through September 29, 2012.


The exhibit will include excellent examples of works by pioneering glass artists such as Harvey Littleton, Dominic Labino, Mark Peiser, and Marvin Lipofsky, along side pieces by the next generation of glass makers including William Morris, Richard Marquis, Paul Stankard, Tom Patti, and Dan Dailey. Historic works from the personal studio archive of Joel Philip Myers, recipient of the 2012 GAS Lifetime Achievement Award, will also be highlighted during the exhibition.


The first glass workshops were held at the Toledo Museum of Art in 1962, lead by Harvey Littleton and Dominick Labino, who experimented with making glass outside of the factory setting. It was during these founding events that the interest in using glass as an art medium in a studio environment was explored, transforming the art world by making glass a well respected artistic medium. According to scholar William Warmus, it was during this time period that “something new and innocent had entered the world.”


Wexler Gallery is thankful to celebrate this exciting medium’s first 50 years. Serving a wide client base including established collectors, as well as those individuals just beginning to acquire contemporary glass, we are proud to be an important leader in the glass field.
Along side historic pieces by pioneers of the contemporary glass movement, Wexler Gallery also features dynamic glass works by new talent. With a focus on both emerging and established artists, the gallery’s program aims to encourage our viewers to explore the possibilities of the medium and its applications.


Fascinated by the notion of challenging traditional labels that categorize art, Wexler Gallery exhibits work that can coexist in the worlds of design, fine art, decorative art and craft. By questioning and challenging the boundaries of these fields, we aim to present functional and non-functional work that consistently celebrates innovation. Unified by a commitment to excellent craftsmanship and true dedication to their art, we are proud to showcase some of the world’s most esteemed artists working in their areas of pursuit.